upcoming and ongoing projects


Svensk industrikultur (link) produce articles, reports and books on Swedish industry.

This site is made in WordPress based on the theme Twenty Seventeen using CSS to create the graphics elements and designed after the “mobile first” principle.

The new photo gallery will be the lates update for this web site.


In this project a range of characters will be created, so called Personas. Personas are used during the design process to represent the users for which the digital product is being developed. The imaginary person helps the designer to understand the users needs and behaviours and can therefore customise the product for them.

There will be a broad spectrum of personas created, from young to old. All with the main goal to portrait peoples emotions and motivations without putting to much focus on the demographics.

With inspiration form this article:



Two suggestions on how the web site could be designed.


Nordic furnitures is a start-up company that are selling vintage and up-cycled furnitures with a Nordic touch.

This is a pure “mobile-first” project where the goal is to simplify the purchase process for existing costumers and reach out to new once without losing the exclusivity that comes with the personal connection between buyer and seller.